Axioms: Lessons from the River

After a long day and looking ahead to a spectacular horizon, I feel a short post is in order.

  • My world is better because I trust people.
  • The Mississippi River can and will drown your most stubborn attachments.
  • You’re not weird. But you’re definitely not normal.
  • Maps will slow you down, yes. They also keep you on course, yes. Use accordingly.
  • Don’t take waves head on…just mostly head on.
  • Headwinds slow you down, but you’re always a bend in the river away from escaping them. Enjoy the drag – it’s a breeze.
  • Brush your teeth, even if you won’t see anybody. It’s the right thing to do.
  • Some boogers float, some don’t.
  • Dance louder. Sing crazier.
  • The River doesn’t wear a watch, so why should I?
  • Every dad who has said, “We’ll get there when we get there,” was right.
  • Therefore, the River will emblazon a renewed skepticism for Time and schedules.
  • It is assumed that every city has a McDonald’s. Not true. Every town does have a bar though.
  • You can’t spend enough time with Walt Whitman.
  • Foster a healthy fear of the unknown. Especially when sleeping in the wild.
  • You’re a little fish among big sharks and dirty pirates in a unstoppable river. But you’re afloat, so enjoy.
  • Truly beautiful art is inspired by Nature. Shitty art is a degradation of nature.
  • Nature makes no mistakes. And you are her child.
  • You are an appreciated and welcomed player in an infinite, deathless game.

I successfully, safely, and thankfully have arrived in New Orleans from Indianapolis via kayak. Soon I begin my hitchhike to Cleveland, Ohio.


We pledge our allegiance to gods and religions, flags and constitutions, bands and brands, the dollar and our businesses.

I ally with the Mother of the eaglet, the beaches of the Muddy Water, La Luna and her comrades, the sun of day. All Natural and her sons and daughters are eternal and lasting. Like the finest woman, she must never be conquered – always lavishly respected and relentlessly embraced.


6 thoughts on “Axioms: Lessons from the River

    1. Marcia and Harry,

      So good to hear from you! Thank you for reading and following up. I was unbelievably happy to meet you in NOLA! It’s a beautiful thing how worlds collide and energies mesh. Us meeting and your marriage are prime examples of this beauty. I will be writing about you soon; stay tuned! I’m teaching high school and starting a new job soon, so it’ll take me a minute, but it’s coming.
      Peace, Josh


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