Good Questions

There have been a couple of good questions brought to my attention concerning my ‘Yak the Miss’ trip.

Are you going alone?

Initially, no. Then yes. Now I’m kind of going alone. At first Jason was planning to join me. Then after he bailed I planned to go solo. Last week had lunch with an Jeff Rasley, a professor, who expressed interest in joining. After a lengthy lunch conversation, I felt that it was intelligent to travel with him. Jeff is an experienced kayaker and outdoorsman. I ventured to Nepal with him two summers ago.

Will you be staying in hotels? Where do you plan on sleeping?

Do I look like a wiener? No hotels. My hammock will be my preference. However, hammocks require two trees, which I don’t know how often I’ll have access to. I’m confident that trees line all of the waterways that I’ll be navigating, but how steep the ravines to get to them will be, I’m not sure. I intend to do this trip as minimalistically as possible. I will not bring any unnecessary item. I’m ruling out the use of a tent on the grounds of Excessivity. Weighs too much and takes up too much space in my ‘yak. Instead, I will bivy.


Glean as much value from as little as possible. I am vegetarian. Why? Because I don’t need meat to survive. I own two pairs of shorts. Why? I don’t need anymore. I have a beard. Why? Less maintenance, warmth in the winter, and it’s bad ass. I have never owned a television. I often sell stuff that I didn’t expect myself to get rid of. I approach most, if not everything, with a ‘minimum effective dose’ mindset. Why would I spend more time or have more things than what is really necessary?

Are you going to eat?

Yes. My diet will consist of high octane, high protein foods. Black beans, lentils, chickpeas, nuts, avocados, oils, peanut butter, and oatmeal. Tons of calories in the least amount of space. I’ll likely take Sriracha, my condiment queen, with me too.

Loads of cities were founded along the Mississippi River, so it won’t be difficult to venture a few miles into town every weekend where I’ll stock up on foods for the week. Due to the problem of refrigeration, I won’t be able to keep meats, veggies, eggs, or fish very well. But I hope be protein-heavy at least one day per week.

How are you going to get home?

I’ll sell the kayak in New Orleans or leave it with a friend who can hopefully do that for me. I will then hitchhike north for 807 miles.

Why hitchhike? Isn’t hitchhiking dangerous and/or illegal?

It is illegal to walk on the highway. It is not illegal to hitchhike. I’ve found that there are two kinds of people in this world: people who don’t trust anybody or anything and believe that the world is full of evil. Then there’s the type of person that believes every human being is good. That being said, I’m in the latter camp, but I’m very well aware that there are some crazies out there – though I don’t think they prowl the on-ramps of highways for chumps like me who need a ride home. I’ll let another great blogger, Patrick, convince you that it’s not all that dangerous.

I’m choosing to hitchhike because I am looking for encounters with authentic human beings. Business executives, prudes, jerks, and ass clowns are not going to go out of their way to help somebody on the side of the road. Only kind, caring, beautiful people who have a few miles to spare will pick up somebody like me. I intend on having an incredible series of fortunate encounters with genuine human beings for 807 miles. This blog will host my anecdotal evidence.

Most of all, hitchhiking is free and chock full of great experiences. Remember my minimalism? Get as much value from as little as possible.

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One thought on “Good Questions

  1. What an awesome adventure!! Like your Mom said in an earlier post…..I am proud of you! And I am proud I was lucky enough to meet you while you were waiting for a ride going North in Montgomery Alabama! Kay


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