What do I do with all my time?

I’m open to suggestions for hobbies. What are your hobbies that are a secret-weapon? A secret-weapon hobby is a proficiency (not necessarily a mastering) of a skill that you would otherwise never know a person had except for in a very specific situation. Example: you may never know that I rock climb until we are scaling the side of your house. You may never know I dance tango until we’re at the club. You’d never know I could sing until we’re driving in the car together. You may never know that I’m a Subway-connoisseur until we’re getting lunch.

With my new sleep schedule I am awake for 20 hours every day. I’ve found that this time can get very boring if I don’t have something to occupy my mind – especially late at night around the 2-4 AM hours.

There are a couple of things that I do with my time. Prior to starting this schedule I thought for a very long time about what I most wanted to learn. I wanted to become proficient in two hobbies – one mental and the other kinesthetic.

My list of potential mental hobbies that I was interested in learning:

  • Chess
  • Spanish
  • 2-D art
  • Guitar
  • Improve my poetry

My list of potential kinesthetic hobbies:

  • Jiu-Jitsu
  • Swimming
  • Rock climbing

I decided to pursue guitar and two-dimensional art as my mental hobbies. I owned a guitar for several years until I went on a minimalism purge and sold it along with my iPhone and other goodies.

I am currently not pursuing a physical hobby. While planning my ‘Yak the Mississippi trip, my energy and time is spent paying attention to the calories coming in and going out of my body while researching and learning about the trip (water levels, paddle techniques, self-arrest positions, paddling with currents, and general reading of other successful attempts, etc). However, my hope when I return from Louisiana out of the kayak is to get a membership to a climbing gym. I’ll ride that wave as my major form of exercise until I get bored and my interests shift. Then I hope to go get good at swimming or another one of the hobbies on my list.

With the aid of a glass of wine or two, drawing, playing guitar, and studying the Mississippi has held my attention for long periods of time at night. People who have the ability to draw anything or play any song always impress me. And obviously studying the Great River is a function of utility.

You’re probably wondering what job could allow me to take naps throughout the day, so I should probably address how I’m bringing home the bacon at some point. Look forward to a post on my line of work soon.


One thought on “What do I do with all my time?

  1. Always happy to find other people doing same thing as me. haha… I’ve been experimenting with the Uberman cycle for the past couple of months and I’ve never been so better.
    Most of the time, I’m hooked on my computer playing Minecraft or Programming. Since I have 6 intervals of 4 hours, I’ve divided my time effectively or so I think. In my first interval I workout and mediate. In the second, I just play quizup on my mobile phone (it’s a great app) or use Duolingo (its an app where you learn foreign languages). Since, I am such a nerd I’ve signed up for several courses in Coursera.com so that’s where I spend my third interval. I’ve been planning to write my own comic so I’ll be adding that to one of the intervals. Some of the hobbies that I’ll suggest to you are : Learn foreign language cause why not! , mediate (its awesome, try it), work out, and watch movies and documentaries.
    I wrote this article on my blog the other day and I’d like to know what you think : https://corrigedum.wordpress.com/2015/10/27/the-ultimate-polyphasic-sleep-guide/
    Good Luck with your Schedule !


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