1400 Miles: Indianapolis to Salt Water

As with all great plans, they get revised.

As we were in planning mode there were some bumps that we needed to work through, mostly timing issues. Jason needed to take two more rounds of CPA exams – one in the middle of July and one in the middle of August – both requiring 10 hours per day of studying (he could probably benefit from polyphasic sleep, yeah?).

Our proposed itinerary required us being on water for 34 days. But we aren’t able to do it for 34 consecutive days due to his testing schedule. We were planning to drop our kayaks into the White River on July 13th, paddle until the 16th, pick up out of the water and return to Indy. This would allow Jason to study for the weekend until his exam, the next week then he would Ace his test, and would continue studying for the following three weeks in preparation for his final exam. After dominating his last exam in the middle of August we would get back on the water where we left off during the first leg of the trip, boat for the final 31 days, then he must get home in time for a wedding and his job. Tight scheduling, no doubt.

After depressing deliberation, Jason has reported to me that he is dropping back. Of course, I respectfully accept his decision. This is a fine example of Jason’s grit and self-control that I addressed in an earlier post. It’s tremendously inspiring that he can execute hard decisions like this with grace and determination. Admirable to say the least. He has certainly made a decision that I could not make.

Where does this put me with the trip? It is still a go and I anticipate a long, fulfilling 1400 miles. I’m ready to harness and saddle the powerful Mississippi River. My tentative date for departure is August 2nd with no definitive return date in mind.

Not being restricted to Jason’s schedule allows me more freedom to not rush. I won’t be pressed to meet our daily mileage quota, and I can leave later. I will no longer be accepting donations via GoFundMe. But if you’re interested in helping me along the way, I would very much appreciate meeting up and talking. This is a trip that I’m increasingly passionate about and will take every opportunity to talk about it.

“I believe in God, only I spell it ‘Nature.’” – Frank Lloyd Wright


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